Thursday, July 2, 2009

More from cartooning class 4

It's been raining here for weeks. There are slugs everywhere. I found a couple of knitting patterns for slugs. Naturally, I drew some slugs.

More work on having body parts in foreground and background. Not bothering to erase structural lines so I have them for reference later.

Wondered how to draw a hand doing something. Teacher said - put something in your hand and draw it. So I did.

Trying to draw my husband, who has a very full beard. Initially the one on the left had lots of straight hairs. I wasn't happy with either one. The teacher said not to draw where color is going to be. I didn't understand so he outlined where beard would be to be filled with color later. (I erased all the hairs) That had never occurred to me before. I usually try to show color via shading. This is different. I'm liking it. Tomorrow: backgrounds!

Monday, June 15, 2009

More from cartooning class

More from cartooning class. Funny animals (the monkey is the teacher's creation) (the teacher is Sam Hill) Needed more practice with mouths. Then we did entire bodies - with hands forward and then in motion. I've left the skeleton lines in for my own future reference.

I'm stunned that I drew people that actually look human!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

EDM 176 - Summer Islands

The island on the right of this picture....
Is the same island on the left of this picture
Nothing feels more like summer than water and sailboats. These islands are pretty far off, as are the sailboats. I wanted to practice showing distance and not being so detailed.

EDM 192 - Something that floats

Sitting on my friend's porch, I kept trying to capture the boats I was seeing, even though they kept shifting (or sailing) about. I'm getting a little quicker. Trying to work on shading based on what I see.

EDM 29 Architecture - a dock

Still on Chebeague Island. My friend's place is right next to the marina. This is the dock. It's not quite right but I did my best. It is somewhat of an architectural marvel - wood and rocks seem somewhat jumbled but it seems to be steady as the Rock of Gibralter.

EDM 14 - What you see when you get up - sometimes

I was visiting a friend on Chebeague Island over the weekend and this is what I saw every morning. In fact every time I looked, night or day, that as pretty much the scene except with different lighting. This a.m. at 420 - there was a pink and purple sunrise. Last night - a full moon. Today full sunshine. Friday, foggy.

Drawing the boats was quite a challenge - they kept moving.....

EDM 33 - Eyes plus

In May I started taking a cartooning class at AC Moore taught by Sam Hill. Our first homework assignment was to draw eyeballs. Above is one of the 5 or so pages of eyeballs I drew. In the 2nd class he had us draw heads and eyes. Then expressions with no heads. Then we went on to heads tilted every which way. Cartooning is pretty fun.

EDM 33 - Eyes - and more

I've been taking a cartooning class at AC Moore with Sam Hill. One of our first homework assignments was to practice eyes. Below is one of the 5 or so pages of cartoon eyeballs I drew. Plus, heads with eyes and expressions with no heads.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

EDM #206 "We call it....."

This was wicked fun! I got a bit carried away, as you can see. There's more writing than drawing, but this is about words afterall.

The little blob to the left of the Redemption Center building is a bag of soda cans.