Wednesday, April 2, 2008

EDM 163 Playing card

I have a deck of cards from Colonial Williamsburg. Here is the king of diamonds. It's a little off, but all in all not bad. The backs of the cards are blank so nothing to draw there.

EDM 18 redux

We live on a hill. All I see out our back sliding door is snow and trees and the dug well thingie. Sometimes there are deer sleeping in the protected area under some trees. The snow pile from snow that slid off the roof is still 5' high or so. We have a pile like that out the front sliding door too.

The only spots we see dirt are some areas of the driveway. Usually it takes until May for all the snow to go away. This year we'll be luck if it's all gone in time for July 4. I am sick of snow. I'm also surprised at how excited I am to see dirt. Hope I can handle the excitement of seeing green vegetation.

Medicine Cabinet - finally

Last summer I got Danny Gregory's book Creative License and began reading it. When I got to the part about drawing the inside of the medicine cabinet I didn't and so I didn't keep reading either. I finally got back to it and am really glad I did. While the composition of this drawing pretty much sucks, the point is - I did it. And I finished reading the book and am very inspired. After a very, very long winter of vegetating, I am very inspired.