Wednesday, January 7, 2009

EDM #206 "We call it....."

This was wicked fun! I got a bit carried away, as you can see. There's more writing than drawing, but this is about words afterall.

The little blob to the left of the Redemption Center building is a bag of soda cans.


Spinneretta said...

these are fun :)

Luba said...

Enjoyed reading these! They reminded me of some that I'd forgotten like "elastic". Similar to your ruf (for roof), I know someone who used to pronounce room more like rum. That made me laugh!

Sandy said...

Oh did this make me laugh, living in the NE and originating from the west, I was often teased about Ruf - and there were a few more - I will have to think?? Clam strip/belly - know that one well and of course with DH being from Maine, there are lots of R problems ;-)

Sue said...

Yes! The Rs. They are inserted in odd places and not used in other places. Huss is one. Someone was telling my husband they were going to a huss show. It was a horse show.

I have a friend named Lisa and so asked her if, as a kid, she wanted to spell her name Liser. She said no. She always knew it didn't have an R.

Now I have taken to referring to where I work as Auguster...

Anonymous said...

Fun reading!

bubblemunch said...

Hi Sue - hope you notice this late entry!!

The book I borrowed (with the project for my Iris pic and other flower projects) is:

Painters Quick Reference
Flowers and Blooms
Editors North Light Books
ISBN 1-58180-761-9
EAN 9781581807615

Couldn't find an email address for you!