Wednesday, August 29, 2007

EDM #18 - the view from a window

Another assignment from week 2 of Kate Johnson's watercolor texture class. This was a bark closeup. These trees are what I see out our back sliding glass door.

#15 A tree

I'm taking Kate Johnson's on-line watercolor textures class and last week we did foliage. Here is a tree from the north end of Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia - painted and its photo.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Improbable rock formations

This has been my favorite exercise from the Keys to Creative Drawing so far. If there's one thing Maine has besides trees, it's rocks. Gosh I love rocks. It never ceases to amaze me how many different shapes and sizes they come in. They're all over the place, as if they were sprinkled from above. I wonder if anyone has waxed poetic over rocks......

More Doodling

More exercises from Bert Dodson Keys to Creative Drawing. I'm addicted. My Micron pen ran out of ink last night.

I've printed copies of these to color. Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

EDM #117 - Something Round (ish)

One of the exercises in The Creative License (by Danny Gregory) is to draw a bagel. Not just the way you think it is, but really look at it and pretend your pen is following the surface of the bagel. Include onion flecks and seeds and whatever else is there. He said not to just start dotting randomly all over, but to really draw the things they way they are and where they are. I had to laugh because I would have just dotted all over the place if he hadn't said not to.
It's not a perfectly round bagel, but it does have rounded edges so here it is.
In spite of the fact that a micron pen doesn't really do light lines, I'm pretty pleased with it. And I get to have a bagel for breakfast tomorrow to boot.

EDM #26 Draw whatever you want (or a veggie)

I got several books for my birthday and decided to read 2 of them at once: The Creative License by Danny Gregory and Keys to Drawing with Imagination by Bert Dodson. Both books have exercises in them so I'm alternating between the two.
These are from the Bert Dodson book: Make 6 random doodles then noodle the interiors any way you want.
All these were done with a micron pen. They took forever but I love doodling and so I didn't mind. My hand sure is tired though.