Wednesday, April 11, 2007

EDM 100 A landscape

Another drawing based on a friend's Northport Island pictures. This one I aim to do in watercolor too. Not real happy with the perspective on the building in front, but that's OK.

Did this one with the 0\.35 Rapidograph, which I've run out of ink already. Still having problems with foreground details. This was icy water again. I pretended it was snow.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

#42 Something I'm thankful for

A friend of mine went to Northport Island and took some photos, which she shared with me. This is a sketch of one of the photos done with Rapidograph with nib 0\.35

The foreground is cracked up ice and snow. I wasn't quite sure how to depict it and so kind of doodled it. I'm not sure if I get tired half way through drawings or what, but I often do this with difficult areas.

Oh yeah - I'm very thankful I live in Maine.

#37 A Key

This is the first use of a rapidograph, the 0/.35 nib. I have inky fingers (never squeeze the ink bottle) but other than that I enjoyed using the pen very much.