Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A clock

Here is a drawing of our tide clock. There is a lot more writing on it but I couldn't see it from where I was sitting. So I was torn - should I go get the clock and draw everything that's on it or only draw what I can see?
I opted to only draw what I could see to force myself to remain in the habit of really looking carefully and only drawing what I see. Usually I attempt to include things I know are there, even if I don't really see them - this is especially so with landscapes.

Also I recalled Susan Hosken's question about symmetry with a light bulb she drew - should she leave it or re-draw it. That discussion helped me leave this drawing a bit skewed. In fact, it sort of seems as though the tide is coming in and pushing on it a bit....

#104 Salt Shaker

This is the salt shaker I have at work. I don't use pepper so no pepper shaker to draw, although some day I may draw our peppermill home.