Sunday, May 4, 2008

EDinMay - three days worth plus TWO challenges

EDinMay #2: Last summer I took a bunch of photos at the granite yard. This is one of them. They do all sorts of keen things with the granite there.

EDM 165 and EDinMay #3 - the front of our house. This is also from a photo - it was raining and there aren't leaves yet in reality and I didn't feel like drawing or ignoring trunks and branches. The house doesn't tilt - I couldn't get rotate to work in photo editor. The house is dark brown. The trees are assorted greens. The roof is blue. An aside: we had 4" of rain Tuesday, it rained all weekend and we STILL have snow.

EDM 41 and EDinMay #4: a landmark of your town. My town doesn't exactly have a landmark, but Moody's Diner is pretty famous state-wide so I thought that'd suffice.


SCquiltaddict said...

NIce work...especially like the flowers on the rock!

Alan said...

good job. I enjoyed the look at Moody's Diner.

Anonymous said...

Nice job. Don't be so hard on yourself!!

caseytoussaint said...

It's been way too long since I visited! I love this latest series of sketches, especially the op one (I like your fish chopstick rest too!). I'll be following your everday in May posts!