Sunday, August 5, 2007

EDM #117 - Something Round (ish)

One of the exercises in The Creative License (by Danny Gregory) is to draw a bagel. Not just the way you think it is, but really look at it and pretend your pen is following the surface of the bagel. Include onion flecks and seeds and whatever else is there. He said not to just start dotting randomly all over, but to really draw the things they way they are and where they are. I had to laugh because I would have just dotted all over the place if he hadn't said not to.
It's not a perfectly round bagel, but it does have rounded edges so here it is.
In spite of the fact that a micron pen doesn't really do light lines, I'm pretty pleased with it. And I get to have a bagel for breakfast tomorrow to boot.


juj said...

Isn't it funny how the real thing looks nothing like what we think it should look like. I mean - if Danny had said "draw a bagel" you would have created something totally different, yet by really looking at it and trying to capture what you were seeing without thinking "bagel" you created something that is magnificently bagely. Great sketch.

gabi campanario said...

nice looking bagel drawing, i'm hungry now!

Lynn said...

Yes, that really does look like a bagel. Our peception of bagels is that they are perfectly round, but in reality most of them aren't perfectly round. Congratulations on really "seeing" the bagel.

phthaloblu said...

This is so good it makes me want one. I haven't had a good NY bagel in months. Great job! Hope it tasted good.